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Thank you for following me and i have decided to write a few tuts up tonight as i was board and thought i wonder and this is what i come up with i hope some can use them and please pass on the word as it will inspire me to make and create more ...

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thank you all again

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well where do i start... i am 31 yrs old engaged to a wonderful man lee cresswell.... i am a proud mother of 2 parrots and 1 cat i love playing zumba and keeping fit and in shape and of course i like to create things and i have recently learnt to do tuts hope you enjoy them not sure how many i will do but its a start lol !! any questions just inbox me or shout in the chat box lol !! i will check this site daily for any new messages in the shot box big hugs x
Thursday, 30 June 2011

Rene Kunet

Bad Lolita

hi thank you for looking for this you will need the

Artwork of Rene Kunet you can grab her here 

 wsl mask 84 you can get here

template used 115 u can get here 

ScrapKit used Tinx's Scraps Fairy Springtime 

you can purchase here 

Ok and we are good to go 

Next open the template in paint shop pro/photoshop shft and d to duplicate it  rezise to 450 

next delete the copyright and the box at front see my tag for reference  and delete the bad girl text also

magic wand the blue circle and new raster layer next open paper 21 from the springtime kit

and paste as new layer selections invert and hit delete on your keyboard 

click on the black circle and flood fill colour of your choice and add noise 

next open your tube and again click on the big circle in the middle and selections 

select all float defloat and copy and paste your tube in the circle as new layer then arrange to your liking

next selections and invert and delete 

on the tube go to properties and left click on the raster will bring the option up then 

blend mode and click lumincance legacy and press ok

next click the bottom ratangle and magic wand open paper 24 copy and paste as new layer selections invert and del

now click on the blue frame flood fill with color of your choice then add noise 

then duplicate the retangle and the frame and flip rearrange up the top to your liking 

now on the back ratangle open paper 6 and magic wand selections copy and paste the paper and press invert and del 

on the frame then flood fill with color of your choice and add noise 

next add the fairy spring time gems place behind all your layers arrange to your liking  add drop shadow to your choice

next duplicate and mirror arrange on next side 

next add the flower 2 at top and the pink ribbon underneath it 

next add the words im a bad girlat the top  in the blue ratangle add noise and the same steps at bottom

but with can i go to your room now 

add your mask and your copyrights and save as png! 

i would love to see any results made using this tut thank you so much 

hugs xx